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3D iTero is known most for its use to help Dentists or Orthodontists plan out Invisalign treatments and assist their patients with visualizing their final treatment. If you’re considering Invisalign, clear braces or other orthodontics to straighten your teeth, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see your results with a 3D iTero scan.

There are a great many benefits of using 3D dental scanning technology like iTero, not least because of its speed. The first one is that it eliminates the need of impression or moulds in your mouth,which patient tend not to like. We have decided to take on this new technology, and one of the reasons it’s becoming so popular is that patients find it so much more preferable to conventional impressions taken.

The process of scanning is far more accurate than traditional impressions. This means less time in the chair, and will result in a much more accurate diagnosis and overall treatment. Scanning can identify key potential issues that could be missed by traditional impressions trays before they occur, allowing your dentist to bring these to the initial treatment plan.

Other major benefits, is that the 3D iTero scanning allows you to see the effects of a treatment before you have it. The computer imaging technology that is used to map out clear braces such as Invisalign treatments is the same used to put together your iTero scan. This is particularly useful for those who are looking to have orthodontic or Restorative treatment, because they integrate fully.

  • The iTero Scanner is a 3d technology that is revolutionising dentistry
  • This type of scanner captures thousands of pictures of the inside of your mouth, and then amalgamates them into a 3D model of your mouth, teeth and gums
  • This allows your dentist to fully assess and inspect every aspect of your condition, and accurately plan out the stages of your treatment
  • The latest generation of scanners are now showing superior results
  • The dentist gradually moves and rotates thye scanner in different angles to scan in the whole mouth
  • The resulting image is aa 3D model of the inside of your mouth will emerge on the iTero screen. Usually this whole process takes less than 10 minutes
  • The 3D model is used to assess your needs, determine what treatment options are available to you, and which will likely give you the most desirable treatment outcome

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