Tepe PlaqSearch Disclosing Tablets


  • PlaqSearch is an easy and effective method for visualising plaque in order to improve oral hygiene and prevent gum disease.
  • The two-tone disclosing product works by colouring new plaque red and old (older than 12 hours) plaque blue. It clearly shows the areas that need extra care.
  • Helps to improve daily cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Quick to use. Chew a tablet and then lick the solution around the surfaces of the teeth before rinsing out.
  • 20 mild fruit flavoured chewing tablets in a pack.
  • Fades quickly from teeth.


PlaqSearch Disclosing Tablets


The two most common oral diseases are tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease. Both are caused by the accumulation of plaque bacteria on the teeth and gums. Plaque bacteria is colourless and difficult to see, until it builds up to form a thick layer, and requires regular removal to avoid dental problems.


Why disclose plaque?

Plaque is difficult to see especially when it is between or on the inside of the teeth or at the back of the mouth. Disclosing products are useful for showing where plaque has accumulated and where brushing needs to be directed.


Although there are a number of products available, PlaqSearch is a more advanced range as it not only shows where the plaque is but also identifies the difference between the old and newer plaque. This is important as the older plaque can be more harmful. PlaqSearch indicates newer plaque as red and older plaque as blue. Once stained the plaque can then be brushed away which helps improve the brushing technique by identifying where the problem areas are.


Are they suitable for children?

Yes, they are formulated with children in mind, although we recommend children under 12 year should be supervised to minimise potential mess. Children will be motivated to remove the stained plaque from their teeth. They usually respond particularly well to the challenge of the “before and after” disclosing session – where they disclose, brush, then disclose again, to see how well they have brushed!


When a child is able to spit out – usually about 5 years – disclosing should be encouraged to help develop a regular and effective brushing technique.


Unlike other products PlaqSearch doesn’t contain sugar or erythrosine. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

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